Prudent CAPEX

Key investment projects

Long rail mill at EVRAZ Pueblo

The project involves designing, installing and commissioning a long rail mill and weld plant to replace the existing rail facility and meet customers’ interest in long rail.

Key developments in 2019

Completed first level of engineering (60%) and pre-awarded contracts for all major equipment, engineering and construction.

CAPEX in 2019: US$19 million

Electric arc furnace (EAF) repowering at EVRAZ Regina

The repowering will increase EVRAZ Regina’s prime coil and plate production and reduce electrode consumption. This project is supported by the Government of Canada's Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF).

Key developments in 2019

Completed engineering and ordered major equipment.

CAPEX in 2019: US$15 million

Heat treat at EVRAZ Red Deer

Expands annual heat treat capacity in Alberta to defend and increase market share and reduce logistics costs.

Key developments in 2019

Installation completed, commissioning advanced with production started in Q4 2019.

CAPEX in 2019: US$6 million

Threading at EVRAZ Pueblo

Install equipment for an API threading line at EVRAZ Pueblo to vertically integrate, fully replace threading suppliers, and reduce cost.

Key developments in 2019

Completed commissioning and fully operational.

CAPEX in 2019: US$2 million

Key maintenance projects

Steel reheat furnace low NOx at EVRAZ Regina

Reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) to comply with more stringent government environmental standards, and increase furnace throughput and production of flat-rolled products.

Key developments in 2019

Engineering phase and pre-installation work completed.

CAPEX in 2019: US$4 million