Community Relations

Our approach
Community Relations

Following the international principles of corporate social responsibility, EVRAZ plays an active role in developing the regions where it operates. In the major cities where the Group works, such as Kachkanar, Mezhdurechensk, Nizhny Tagil, Novokuznetsk, Tula and their satellite towns, EVRAZ supports various educational, sports and environmental projects, performs charitable work, improves the labour and living conditions of employees and their families, and promotes the development of urban spaces. The Group’s enterprises are responsible taxpayers and comply with federal and regional laws. EVRAZ strives to maintain a productive and open dialogue with all stakeholders, including local authorities, non-governmental organisations, the business and cultural communities, and the media. Among other things, this cooperation helps EVRAZ to gain an understanding of the socially significant projects in which the Group can take part.

The Group’s charity funds in the Urals and Siberia select projects based on the EVRAZ Social Investments Guidelines. Priorities include supporting families in need, orphanages, veterans and victims of disasters, financing educational, sports and cultural projects, as well as subsidising health care activities and environmental protection programmes.

Federal and regional events

EVRAZ organises events to support sports, the environment, and the social and cultural development of cities. It also participates in national programmes, as well as federal and international forums.

At the 2019 St Petersburg International Economic Forum, EVRAZ signed an agreement regarding participation in the federal “Clean Air” project, a part of the “Ecology” National Project. EVRAZ was the general partner of the forum “The Role of Women in the Development of Industrial Regions”, which was held in Novokuznetsk and has become an important platform for international discussion with women leaders in various fields. The Group participated in the “Innosocium” nationwide competition of social projects and the WorldSkills Hi-Tech national championship of working professions. It was also a strategic partner of the INNOPROM International Industrial Fair. EVRAZ supports the Novokuznetsk Drama Theatre, the Yeltsin Centre in Yekaterinburg, the Arkhangelskoye Estate Museum, the Documentary Film Centre and the Garage Museum of Modern Art in Moscow. The Group also assists the “Connection” Deaf-Blind Support Foundation, as well as local charitable organisations.

Federal and regional events


The video series “What choice would you make?”, which is dedicated to the personal responsibility of EVRAZ employees for safety in their lives and work, was shortlisted at the Cannes Corporate Media and TW Awards. The three short stories, which the Group created in partnership with Freemotion Group, equate knowingly violating safety rules with deciding to take your own life.

EVRAZ “Power of Generations” and “Steel Dynasties” digital projects, which were collaborations with and Komsomolskaya Pravda, received the “Best content solution” and “Employer and brand” awards at the Digital Communications Awards 2019, held by the Association of Directors for Communication and Corporate Media of Russia.

The “High Five!” corporate race, which is held in the cities where EVRAZ operates, took first place in the “Sport – ​Inhouse” award at the international IPRA Golden World Awards 2019.

The short film “Stronger than Steel”, a joint project with the renowned Russian actor and director Vladimir Mashkov dedicated to the 55th anniversary of EVRAZ ZSMK, won the grand prize for best sound engineering in the Metal-Vision 2019 competition at the Metall-Expo 2019 international exhibition.

The “EVRAZ News – ​COAL” newspaper, which has been in publication since August 2019, was recognised as the best publication by a mining company in the corporate media competition of “Metal Supply and Sales” magazine.

Public organisations and business associations

EVRAZ is a member of important industry and business associations, including the Russian Managers’ Association, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Russian Steel, Russian Metallurgists’ Association, Steel Construction Development Association, National Association for Subsoil Examination, Association of Railway Product Producers and Russian Railways Consumer Council. In 2019, EVRAZ became a member of the Donor’s Forum, the largest association of grant-making organisations operating in Russia.

Key projects


EVRAZ participates in various federal youth programmes and works closely with academic institutions, financing the purchase of necessary school supplies and sports equipment, granting scholarships, providing vocational guidance for students, offering training in accordance with WorldSkills methodology, and arranging work study for students and internships for graduates. The Group places a high priority on supporting children in orphanages and with special needs, including through ongoing programmes that provide assistance and rehabilitation for children with health limitations and cerebral palsy.

Case study: Children’s foresight

Building on the success of the “Children’s Foresight” event held in the town of Kachkanar in 2018 – ​part of a federal programme aimed at engaging schoolchildren in designing and developing their cities – ​EVRAZ and the Social Investments and Initiatives Agency significantly increased the scale of the programme in 2019. During the reporting period, more than 200 schoolchildren and 60 teacher-mentors from Kachkanar, Nizhny Tagil and Mezhdurechensk took part in “Children’s Foresight”. They took part in strategy sessions to design their desired future city and develop project ideas, as well as master classes on social technology and personal effectiveness. As a result, 26 projects have already launched.

The “EVRAZ: City of Friends – ​City of Ideas” grant contest is a project aimed at engaging people to improve public spaces, protect the environment, develop social initiatives and increase participation in social design, urban improvement, environmental education and preservation of urban natural resources. As part of the project, potential grant recipients attend seminars and business planning training.

Since 2017, the contest has been held in four cities where the Group operates. In 2019, the contest received 210 applications from Siberia and 133 from the Urals, of which 54 projects received grants totalling RUB14.5 million. Overall, the projects received more than 28,700 votes and the programme’s website had 139,550 visitors.

Case study

Several “EVRAZ: City of Friends – ​City of Ideas” projects were implemented in 2019.

EVRAZ helped to revive the sport of sailing in Nizhny Tagil. The Group’s grant funds were used to upgrade the Spartak boating club. So that sailing enthusiasts could practice year-round, the club was repaired, insulated and equipped with the necessary furniture for a classroom. The grant repaired the pier and purchased sails for yachts.

In Novokuznetsk and Mezhdurechensk, with EVRAZ support, multimedia devices were purchased and computer literacy training courses for the elderly were launched. Retirees were introduced to the possibilities of the internet that help to make everyday life easier and more eventful, including online payments for utilities and basic goods, as well as the public services portal, e-mail and social networking.

With grant funds from EVRAZ, Nizhny Tagil’s Puppet Theatre staged a new performance for young spectators called “The Singing Whale: Underwater Stories”. Together with the actors, children study the underwater world and its inhabitants, pretend to be pearl gatherers, learn how to get to know each other and make friends, come to the rescue, be surprised and look for adventure. Actors regularly hold charity performances for children from orphanages and kindergartens in Nizhny Tagil and Kachkanar. This is the third baby performance for viewers in the 0+ age group that has been staged with the Group’s support.


EVRAZ invests to improve urban infrastructure in cities and towns in the regions where it operates. The Group sponsors medical, educational and cultural institutions and projects.

Case study

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Siberian State Industrial University, EVRAZ financed major repairs of an auditorium that has been named “Raspadskaya” in appreciation. The Group also installed new furniture and modern multimedia equipment in the auditorium, which was designed by specialists from the university, who used aspects of mining professions to influence the style of the academic space. The university traditionally hosts public lectures by representatives of Raspadskaya, which manages the coal assets of EVRAZ, and also conducts joint specialised training and master classes. The “Raspadskaya” auditorium is the second one that EVRAZ has donated: a year ago, an auditorium named after the metallurgy professor Ivan Bardin was opened at Siberian State Industrial University.

Day of Raspadskaya

EVRAZ develops sports infrastructure in the cities where it operates, supports amateur and professional sports teams, sponsors federal and regional competitions, and works to popularise sports and healthy lifestyles among its employees and their family members.

Case study

In November 2019, the EVRAZ Olymp Arena and skiing track were opened in Kachkanar. The Group donated around RUB350 million towards its construction. The sports complex is designed for football, basketball and volleyball. One of the arena’s two sports facilities is multifunctional and the other is reserved for indoor football. In addition, two football fields were built near the arena. The length of the skiing track is more than 2 kilometres. The arena’s facilities will host competitions and practices, as well as public skiing sessions. In 2020, a ski lodge will be built next to the track.


EVRAZ volunteers

While EVRAZ does not have an official policy regarding volunteering, for many years the Group’s employees have been helping people in difficult situations, supporting children’s institutions and organising various sport and social events.

For example, employees of EVRAZ ZSMK have been sponsoring two orphanages for more than 70 years: Orphanage No. 95 and “Island of Hope”. In 2019, the women’s public organisation of the plant, together with the management and primary labour union, continued to work on the social adaptation of orphans and children left without parental care. The children are taught independent housekeeping, cooking, cutting and sewing skills, attend vocational guidance classes, play in sports and competitions and visit cultural events. Material aid is also provided to orphanages.

Since 2017, EVRAZ NTMK employees have been holding the “Relay of Good Deeds” to help educational institutions in Sverdlovsk region. In 2019, they brought gifts to children from the social rehabilitation centres Rainbow and No. 6, and also helped the Kolosok kindergarten in the village of Novopanshino to remove fire-hazardous coatings on the ground floor of the building, install six new doors on emergency exits, and rebuild three gazebos and three sandboxes.

A team of volunteers at the EVRAZ Moscow office painted the corridors of the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre in partnership with the Fun Corridor fund, which asked professional artists to prepare sketches of paintings in advance. In addition, employees and their families went to the bison nursery of the Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve, where the men unloaded several tonnes of beets for the bison would eat in winter, while the women and children performed site clean-up.


New projects

DIGITAL projects

In 2019, EVRAZ prioritised the development of digital projects. The Group launched communities on the Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube social networks, as well as updated the corporate portal and launched the EVRAZ TV corporate television project.

The updated version of the portal includes new services and functionality for users, as well as a more modern design. In 2019, the portal had a total of 9,000 unique users and 120,000 page views.

EVRAZ social networking community has become a full-fledged communication channel with more than 15,000 subscribers in just a year. The Group published 1,054 posts and received 65,012 positive reactions from users.


EVRAZ TV was launched on 1 December 2019. Today, it has 70 broadcast points (televisions) in five cities. The total broadcast time is 351 hours. In addition, it can be streamed directly via the Group’s corporate web portal.

"Continuity" project
"Continuity" project

Safety challenge: “Zero is also a record”

On 11–23 November 2019, EVRAZ conducted the “Zero is also a record” safety challenge at its enterprises and on social media. Steelmakers and miners from the Group’s Urals and Siberian operations, as well as employees of the Moscow office, showed that they want to work without injuries and achieve an LTIFR of zero. The project was supported by EVRAZ vice president for HSE, Konstantin Rubin, the managing director of EVRAZ NTMK and EVRAZ KGOK, Alexey Kushnarev, and more than 40 of the Group’s managers. The challenge also went outside the enterprise. The participants included the EVRAZ‑supported Mettalurg and Raspadskiye Panthers hockey clubs, Uralochka volleyball team, Nizhny Tagil Drama Theatre and Novokuznetsk Drama Theatre, as well as journalists and television anchors.

2,707 social media posts
using the hashtag #нольтожерекорд (zero is also a record)
622,000 views of a video
about the challenge
~3,000 participants
1,624 positive reactions

Viral videos about industrial safety regulations

The “Rules are for wimps?” video series was about how blind faith in one’s invulnerability can cause truly unfortunate incidents. The mini-series about animals who ignore safety rules had more than 1 million views in just a month. The cartoon format also helped to convey the importance of safe behaviour to the children of Group employees.

Online premiere of the film “Stronger than steel”

In the short film “Stronger than steel”, which was made in honour of the 55th anniversary of EVRAZ ZSMK, the renowned Russian actor and director Vladimir Mashkov talked about Novokuznetsk, with which the fate of generations of metallurgists is closely connected and in which he grew up.

The film was posted on EVRAZ social networks and, in just a week, had more than 1 million views, 15,000 positive reactions from viewers and 72 references in regional and federal media. More than 80% of the audience was residents of Novokuznetsk and Kemerovo region.

The film made it into the top search results for key queries, including the Russian terms for “Mashkov”, “Novokuznetsk”, “ZSMK” and “Stronger than steel”. This had a positive effect on the EVRAZ brand and helped to minimise the cost of promoting the film.

“Steel Irony”: joint photo project of EVRAZ and artist Anton Gudim

In a joint project with the popular internet artist Anton Gudim, EVRAZ prepared a series of illustrations called Steel Irony, hashtag #СтальнаяИрония. The project is dedicated to teaching how to protect personal data and remain safe online, and how to behave on social networks to avoid reputational damage. The project had more than 100,000 views and 1,200 positive reactions on social media.

Livestream of NLE2019

To maximise the number of Group employees who could be immersed in the atmosphere and feel part of the New Leaders EVRAZ (NLE) 2019 corporate educational programme, a livestream of the speeches from the SKOLKOVO Business School was set up. The total coverage of three livestreams on Vkontakte, Facebook and YouTube had more than 6,000 views and around 2,500 unique viewers.

“EVRAZ Football Cup” with MATCH TV anchors

On 18 August 2019, the finals of the VIII EVRAZ Football Cup took place at Kachkanar’s Gornyak stadium. The online broadcast featuring commentary of the renowned sports journalist Nobel Arustamyan was watched by 30,000 viewers, including residents of Nizhny Tagil, Kachkanar, Novokuznetsk and Mezhdurechensk.

“Continuity”: joint photo project of EVRAZ and Yury Borsch

EVRAZ’ enterprises in Russia are separated by thousands of kilometres. Despite the distance, though, all operations and people work in unison. This was the underlying idea for the “CONTINUITY” photo project, which the Group implemented together with the renowned Russian aerial photographer Yury Borsch, who has been ranked among the world’s 20 best aerial photographers by Drone Multimedia magazine.

Lines of light were traced by flying a quadcopter above plants and quarries in the photos. Since the drone’s flight path could not be programmed, it took three to five hours to take each photo with the intended linear shape. The photos were used in the corporate calendar for 2020, as well as the new concept for EVRAZ Instagram account. The total number of views of publications about the project is estimated at 1.5 million.

“Steel Irony” project