EVRAZ business model

  • Our vision

    EVRAZ is a global steel and mining company, the leading producer of infrastructure steel products with low-cost production along the value chain.

  • Global market trends

    In 2019, global steel and raw materials markets remained strong despite the pressure as steel prices corrected from the high levels seen in 2018. Meanwhile, iron ore and coal prices experienced different dynamics. Iron ore prices peaked in July, balancing by the end of the year. Conversely, coal prices were lower amid increased supplies as a result of elevated Asian production and import restrictions in China. In 2020, we expect stable market conditions and reduced price volatility.

  • Sustainable development
  • EVRAZ Business System
For additional information, see the EVRAZ Sustainability Report for 2019, which is to be published in May 2020

EVRAZ strategic priorities reflect current focus areas that are driven by market conditions and business fundamentals.

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  • Steel

    EVRAZ Steel segment uses locally sourced raw materials to produce steel products in the CIS, which it sells for domestic infrastructure and construction projects while taking a flexible approach to exports. The Group’s vanadium business is based on processing vanadium slag from steelmaking operations.

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  • Coal

    EVRAZ Coal segment provides raw materials for the Group’s steel mills, supplies coking coal to major domestic coke and steel producers, and exports its products to foreign customers.

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  • Steel, NA

    The Steel, North America segment focuses on the premium markets in the Western US and Canada, offering high value-added products including infrastructure steel, rails, large-diameter pipes and oil country tubular goods.

EVRAZ uses the synergies derived from its competitive advantages to ensure that its overall operations are able to generate, sustain and capture value over the long-term.

  • Leader in infrastructure steel products

    A premium portfolio of railway, construction and tubular products with firm footprint in Russian, North American and global markets.

  • Strong position in coking coal market

    The largest coking coal producer in Russia with an attractive portfolio of hard and semi-hard coking coal grades.

  • Vertically integrated low-cost operations

    A sound base of steel and coal assets in the first quartile of the global cost curve.

  • Shareholders and investors

    EVRAZ strives to act in shareholders’ best interest by building an experienced management team and implementing corporate governance best practices.

  • Employees

    EVRAZ is among the most sought-after employers in its regions of operation partly due to its staff development programmes and best-in-class working conditions.

  • Customers

    EVRAZ generates value for its global clientele by prioritising value-added products, offering better shipping terms and running a client oriented business model.

  • Suppliers and contractors

    EVRAZ honours its position as a vital purchaser of auxiliary materials by fostering the advancement of its customers’ industries and running fair, transparent tenders.

  • Local communities

    EVRAZ believes that conducting its business in a sustainable manner helps to promote regional prosperity where it operates and strives to create healthier, happier local communities by sponsoring social and economic development programmes.

  • Government and regulatory authorities
    EVRAZ is one of Russia’s largest taxpayers and employers, and plays a valuable role for the state by providing construction and railway products for the development of infrastructure.
  • Media
    EVRAZ proactive engagement with the media boosts the quality and transparency of information about the Group.
  • Industry organisations
    EVRAZ cooperates and supports various industry organisations through joint initiatives and proactivly participates in conferences and forums.

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