EVRAZ Business System

EVRAZ Business System (EBS) is a combined approach founded on a culture of continuous improvement which currently covers nearly all the Group’s main operations.

EBS targeted to enhance employee engagement in the continuous improvement process through key elements of the EVRAZ Business System, such as ambitious target setting, EVRAZ principles, employee development, efficient management and process improvement.

In 2019, EVRAZ launched an ambitious target-setting process as a source of new efficiency improvement initiatives.

In line with this process, 30 shops and segments in the Urals, Siberia, Coal and Vanadium divisions were analysed. Key technical drivers were identified for every shop and segment, and targets were set for each key technical driver based on global benchmarking.

EBS transformations are the initial projects at every shop of the plant that create the infrastructure for the continuous improvement process.

There are two main phases in EBS transformations: active and maintenance. The active phase presumes setting goals, planning and implementing various improvement initiatives, while the maintenance phase aims to reach the target effects from initiatives and further improve the process.

During 2019, a total of 43 active EBS transformation phases were completed across four divisions (23 in the Siberia division, 14 in the Urals division, 4 in the Coal division and 2 in the Vanadium division). EVRAZ employees generated 44,596 ideas, 36% of which were implemented. Overall, a total of 22,083 employees were involved in EBS transformations in 2019.

Number of initiatives
Number of employees involved

Key EBS tools at work